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Skin Tightening
Dearborn, MI

Aesthetic Medica in Dearborn, MI is proud to offer revolutionary, non-invasive SkinTyte™ skin tightening, by Sciton. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment can turn back time by tightening loose, sagging skin anywhere on the face or body, taking years off your appearance. All without without surgery, and with no downtime!

Many factors contribute to sagging skin on the face and body, including: UV sun exposure, genetics, gravity, menopausal hormone decline, weight gain & loss, normal aging, and even lifestyle factors such as smoking, toxins, stress & tanning.  And, as the face, neck, “jowls” and other parts of the body sag and droop it can add years to a man or woman’s appearance. But non-invasive SkinTyte™ treatments stimulate the body’s own natural cellular regeneration processes, which contract and tighten the skin, and reduce the visible signs of aging.

SkinTyte™ delivers rejuvenating infrared light deep into the dermis. This heat energy stimulates collagen contraction and cellular regeneration which lifts, tightens and remodels the skin. After just a single treatment, the body’s natural healing processes continue to rebuild the skin over time – and texture, tone, plumpness, elasticity, and tightness keep improving. Fine lines and wrinkles also disappear as skin becomes tighter and more firm!

SkinTyte™ treatments offer many of the benefits of a facelift – but without the pain, expense or downtime of surgery. If you would like smoother, tighter, younger looking skin, without the discomfort and long recovery time of invasive procedures, schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Medica in Dearborn, MI – and learn how SkinTyte™ can turn back the clock, and give you tighter, younger looking skin.